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Thread: Vintage Collection in Massachusetts

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    Default Vintage Collection in Massachusetts

    Hi there,

    I posted this elsewhere in the Forum - just in case you missed it there.

    I am trying to help my 87 year old Dad find homes for his vintage and eclectic collection of computers, peripherals and assorted manuals and software. There is *a lot.* I would rather it find homes with collectors and appreciators, rather than going in to landfills or being resold on eBay by someone who doesn't recognize any historic value of the item. I have checked comparables on eBay, and I am unsure as to their real value. Quite a bit of this stuff still works.

    Dad was a pioneer and early adopter in the field. He started his journey initially in ham radio, then photography, then on to television/broadcast engineering (RCA), film and video editing (WCVB in Boston), and then on to being a media/interactive video consultant. He saw the potential for integrating all of these things when he discovered Apple Computer back in the late 70's. He also became a contributing editor for Videography Magazine in the 80's and 90's, and he still maintains a membership in the Society for Motion Picture and Television Engineers.

    Anyhow, along the way he has collected quite a few computers, supplemental machines of various sorts and other peripherals. Photos are attached.

    Here is what he has. This doesn't include all of the spare parts in his electronics 'Frankenstein' workshop in the basement.

    These include 2 Apple IIs, one with a 6000-ish serial number; another in the 60000 series

    A working Tandy 1400, a working Tandy 600, a working TRS-80;

    A MacPlus;

    A Sony computer system he used for video editing with all kinds of discs, etc.;

    A boxed Atari 520ST system;

    An Amiga 2000;

    A Commodore PC 10 w/keyboard, mouse, printer and monitor;

    a Strobe Inc. 200 series plotter;

    a KoalaPad touchpad for the Apple II;

    2 RCA CED disc machines, a couple of Discovision machines, and assorted laser and CED discs.

    This doesn't even touch on the shelves full of computer manuals, books and software that Dad has stored in his home office.

    I also got some back story from Dad about the Apple IIs, and how he developed his passion for all things Apple. He said that both of them were given to him by Apple.

    Back in the day (late 70's), Dad started doing some consulting, especially in the very early videography/computer graphics days. He went to New York with a business associate from a company called Video Associates Labs to meet with the original Apple crew, including Steve Wozniak. They all discussed the capabilities of the Apples to incorporate video/graphics in to their early machines. Apparently, Apple then sent Dad his first Apple II, so he could test it. He did not clone or change it, other than to add a video card to it from Video Associates Labs. Dad said at the time there were only 7 people working at Apple, and he met all of them.

    From what he told me, the other Apple II has everything original (cards, etc) still in it unchanged.

    Dad said a lot of the systems were given to him (the Commodores, Sony, etc.), because of the type of work he was doing in video with interactive video, editing, early computer graphics, etc. He barely used some of it, and pretty much everything was in working order when it went in to storage.

    Looking for interested parties, especially in the local-ish New England area. If possible, I would love to avoid exorbitant shipping costs.

    Thanks for your consideration.

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    Just a quick update...

    I am particularly interested in finding collectors in the New England area, if at all possible. It would be great to avoid shipping costs, if it is at all possible. This stuff is heavy. ��

    I do have one relatively local person who may be interested in some of these items. I invite others as well. We are in the midst of preparing the house for an estate sale in early April, and I would love for these computers and peripherals to find new homes where they will be well-loved.

    Here is what is gone - the Apple IIs and the Tandy 600. Everything else is still available. In addition, I found user instructions for some of the items (left behind by Dad), which includes the RCA Discovision machines and the Laserdisc machines. We also have a fairly large supply of discs that go with them. I also found even more software that goes with the Sony microcomputer/video editing system.

    Anyhow, please let me know if any of this is of interest. Thank you!

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    Why not post this in the "For Sale" or perhaps as individual lots in "For Sale" sections. Many buyers prefer not to have things shipped either, due to the risk of damage, and the with collectible items the insurance doesn't help source an actual replacement, and will drive a considerable distance to collect and item...

    I also think the video stuff might get more interest on a video group, but now I can't suggest one...

    .. I also think you may end up disposing of a lot of stuff in the garbage. For example there are few folks who collect early inkjet printers...

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