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Thread: Unsure what i have ?? Please help ??

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    Quote Originally Posted by KC9UDX View Post
    Oh I know! When this happened to me, I thought the keys would be pretty generic. Not so, at least not in my case. And no locksmith that I called would touch it, being a big, scary, powered-on computer. Fortunately, the key turned up eventually. I was getting close to using cutting tools.
    This was my experience with them back in the day, it seemed like almost all the generic cases I worked on had a keylock, but more than that they all used the same key regardless of who actually made the case.

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    Evergreen Am5x86-133 64Mb Ram, 8gb HDD, SB16 in a modified ATX case running IBM PC-DOS 7.10

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    It is a nice collection. Both systems are close to fully loaded for their time period so should be desirable.


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