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Thread: HP Small-Form-Factor P4's, anyone interested? (D530 and DC5100 series)

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    Default HP Small-Form-Factor P4's, anyone interested? (D530 and DC5100 series)

    Got 2 of these machines. Both are in excellent working shape, except as noted.

    One's a dc5100 series (or a close cousin) with a p4 1.8G cpu, takes pc133 memory(512M), has a cd-rw drive but no HDD (Needed for other machine) Case has a plastic piece broken in one spot

    The other's a D530 with 2-3G of DDR-1 memory, dual channel. Cpu's a 2.8 or 3ghz. Has a Geforce 2 Agp dual dvi/vga video card (256M). Has a wiped 120g Sata. Has a sata dvd dl burner, but the door wont open anymore.

    Both are fully working except as noted. Hate to toss these out, but their kinda heavy to ship. Good if you need parts for similar machines (The D530's were plagued early on by glue that went conductive and blew the PS, this
    one's got the newer unit) Has a few options, such as the 3.5 drive bay open slot that will take a laptop drive if youve got the adapter, or one of those media bay flash card readers (Had one in it, moved to other system). Also I have sealed the 2nd serial port option (the metal plate and the serial connector)

    Can post pictures if anyone's interested. Make an offer on parts or the whole systems. Otherwise, they are headed for the recycler.
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