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Thread: 22DISK 8" floppy backup help needed...

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    Default 22DISK 8" floppy backup help needed...

    I am restoring a rare musical instrument; we have ONE set of discs remaining in the world. So I'd love to (a) archive data and (b) make duplicate 8" floppies.

    I am told they did some unusual coding, maybe even formatting and sectoring - not sure. But if it's possible to image it at all, I could send a single disc (we do have just a few redundant options) to test it first. Then, if it works, send more discs until the whole set (less than 20 I think) is safe.

    I know I could learn to do this, but life doesn't allow time, when I only need it this once. Hopefully someone has more experience with this and can offer help (for pay!) with the special project!? Thanks

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    PM me and I'll see what I can do. This wouldn't be the first weird 8" disk by any means.

    You do realize that if you've got a registered copy of 22Disk, that support has always been free of charge?

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