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Thread: Found some S-100 boards locally on CL

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    Default Found some S-100 boards locally on CL

    Just thought I'd post this if anyone's interested. I think the seller is about 2 hours from me.

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    The Qume boards are all logic boards from full height 8" dsdd floppy drives, either DT-8 or DT-842 drives.

    The Telac 3330B is a Shugart 25135-1 1st Generation Shugart full height 800/801 with LSI 8" ssdd floppy drive logic board. This version of the 800/801 logic board has problems with head out amplitude. I believe that the problem is fixable if the board is upgraded to the -3 revision by replacing some parts.

    The only boards that I might be interested in are the SCP S-100 boards.

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    Did anybody go after these? I sent the seller a text message, but haven't heard back.

    Seems to me that there's enough there to get a good start on building a homebrew system. I'd need a power supply, but power supplies are easy.

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    Update: I got these. Well, my brother in law got them for me and I'll pick them up when I go to Austin next month.

    I asked her how she came by them and you won't like it. Apparently her late uncle was a hobbyist and when he passed they found a bunch of machines in the house. She thought the boards looked valuable, so she removed them and sent everything else to recycling. At least three S100 machines, judging by the number of backplanes, destroyed.

    Still, at least she saved something and one of us got it. Time to start looking for a suitable chassis, I guess.

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    Update number 2. I picked them up last night. Haven't had a chance to look at them properly yet because we're in a hotel, but I hope to do so this evening.

    Along with the boards, she threw in a box of 8" floppies. No idea what's on them - haven't even looked for labels yet. I don't have a functioning 8" drive right now, but presumably somebody should take a look at them, in case there's anything worth archiving.

    What's the etiquette here? Do I just mail them to Al? Somebody else? Give me a steer, please.

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    Based on what was in the collection that was posted on CL, there should be some interesting disks there. I would say step 1 is to list out what you've got on the labels so that everyone can see and determine if there's anything there that isn't already archived.

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    Having now had a chance to look at the labels, I think it's probably all just data.

    I say "probably" because either the guy was a doctor or US cursive is radically different from UK cursive. Either way, I don't have a clue what most of the labels say.

    I'll post some pics when I next have time and we'll take it from there.


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