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Thread: Dirtiest disk drive ever?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheMaritimeMan View Post
    There are times something I bought on eBay was advertised as "good working", and was anything but when I got it. In every instance, I've never had to open a case - I just messaged the seller, and they immediately refunded me without me having to send it back. My guess is they actually know nothing about the item, and just list it as working and "hope for the best".
    At work, ebay is one of our sales channels and we've noticed that many of our competitors do exactly as you describe. We do the opposite - most of our listings are "for parts or not working" and, in the vast majority of cases, the customer finds that it works just fine.

    Better to under-promise and over-deliver, is our philosophy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheMaritimeMan View Post
    Look at the seller's feedback - 96.7% is horrendous.
    Tri-Valley Recycling moves a lot of stuff, and they have a bunch of different people listing things (tvrsales tvrsales1 etc..) with their own ideas of
    what something is worth. They also guess high and expect something lower in a best offer.

    I don't get people who relist and don't drop the price after a couple of cycles.

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    Good grief! That is filthy! Surely if you want to sell something, a little elbow grease goes along way. Have these folk never heard of "presentation"?

    Unless I'm after a very rare part, or pay just a dime, I'll never buy anything that looks like this. If a seller can't be bothered to clean it, it means they won't be bothered to pack it properly.

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