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Thread: Configure IBM 5155/5160 for one floppy drive

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    Default Configure IBM 5155/5160 for one floppy drive

    My IBM 5155 originally had two floppy drives in it, but I disconnected one of them when it failed. It works just fine with the one drive, except it seems to think it still has two physical drives. If I try to copy a file from one floppy to another, using copy a:[file] b:, instead of prompting to insert a disk in the "B:" drive (at which point one would swap disks), it tries to address a nonexistent physical B: drive, and fails with the "abort, retry, fail" message. In addition, Norton Utilities reports that the system has two physical floppy drives.

    The POST doesn't report anything wrong, and the one drive boots and works just fine. I tried moving the jumper on the drive from DS1 to DS0, and I tried connecting the drive to the other connector on the ribbon cable - in both cases POST throws a 601 error. The floppy controller is the original IBM part. Anyone have any ideas? Or is this the way an XT is suppose to handle a single floppy drive...?

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    You set the number of drives on the motherboard switches.

    It sounds like you'll need to change switch 7 from OFF to ON.

    More detailed information on the minuszerodegrees site:

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    Doh, I didn't even think of the motherboard switches! And that didn't come up when I was googling the issue either. That did the trick - thanks!

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