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Thread: I have some TRS-80 software from a collection ...

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    Default I have some TRS-80 software from a collection ...

    As stated in the title I have some software which I have downloaded some time ago from a website that went down in 2014. The software is from a collection which Stan Slater (Computer News 80) collected and published on real disks during his active years. Stan Slater has unfortunately deceased around 2009. A guy named David Cooper had websites named and from which I downloaded most parts of the collection. I've missed some parts to download before the site went down. The collection consists of zip files which are the zipped content (DMK & DSK images) of the then real disks which may contain one or more programs per disk (some if not all public domain & shareware) and are bundled in sub-collections. I don't know the content of all of the disks because I still had not the time to go through the collection in detail.

    Information about the File Cabinet software collection:

    This is what I have (sub-collections and some single files):

    - Disk Series Model 4 (Computer News 80) - Disk #1 - #41
    - Disk Series Model III (Computer News 80) - Disk #1 - #36
    - High Resolution Library Model 4 (Computer News 80) - Disk #001 - #040 (not complete)
    - High Resolution Nude Pictures Model 4 (Computer News 80) - Disk #01 - #05 (not complete)
    - High Resolution Utilities Model 4 (Computer News 80) - Disk #01 - #10 (not complete)
    - Model 4 Games Library (Computer News 80) - Disk #001 - #005
    - The File Cabinet Communications, Model 4 (Computer News 80) - Disk #01 - #26
    - The File Cabinet Model 4 Business (Computer News 80) - Disk #01 - #38
    - The File Cabinet Model 4 Educational (Computer News 80) - Disk #01 - #37
    - The File Cabinet Model 4 Games (Computer News 80) - Disk #01 - #28
    - The File Cabinet Model 4 Utilities (Computer News 80) - Disk #01 - #65
    - The File Cabinet Model III Games (Computer News 80) - Disk #01 - #59
    - The File Cabinet Model III Utilities (Computer News 80) - Disk #01 - #37

    single zip files
    - Car Maintenance, Model 4 (Henry Leno, Computer News 80)
    - Hard Disk Builder, Model 4 (David Goben, Computer News 80)
    - Profile 4 Plus, Model 4 (The Small Computer Company)

    It is sad that the collection vanished from the website.

    On Sep 7, 2014 Al Petrofsky (who is a well known member of this forum) had made an appeal in the TRS-80 Yahoo group:
    Hey David Cooper, have you checked recently?
    There was no answer from David Cooper.

    Here in the forum is also a member named marmotking. This is (I am sure) David Cooper. I haven't asked him yet why his website was deleted. I'm afraid maybe I'll get no answer too. Does anybody of you know more?

    Is anybody interested to get the software collection and if the collection isn't now hosted somewhere to host the collection for free public download?


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    This is very interesting, I'm sure quite a few people would like one or more of these files. What about putting it on Google Drive or Dropbox and share the link?

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    Do we have an equivalent to pski's Model II archive? I'm aware of various persons having small collections, but no single place for model 1/3/4 stuff.

    Would pski be interested in adding that in parallel to his M2 archive?


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    I might be able to host these for everyone, as well as anything else anyone wants to put up. Have 1GB circuit and plenty of space even thought it could fit on a thumb drive . Let me know and I'll throw something together. I don't know about doing anything fancy like a CMS so probably just static pages at first?

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    David is still around, but hasn't been very active. I personally would like to have a set of this archive, but he has far more stuff to be archived than what was up on his sites. I emailed and private messaged him encouraging him to put the archive back up a couple of times, but he seemed to be quite busy. I won't share what he wrote to me in private without his permission, but I will say that it's mostly a matter of time rather than interest or willingness; he seemed to be willing, but time is tight.

    Marmotking, would you care to comment?
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    I suggest setting up a github account and site like I did for the model2archive. It makes syncing, updating, etc much easier than maintaining a web page with links. It makes forking easy as it can easily be synced on different git hosting platforms. It's also free for public repositories. I personally don't have the time to curate another archive, it is a lot of work to do it well, but anyone can set up another public repo and let the community do the work.

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    Never thought about GitHub, I use it all the time so good call. Whoever has the most can start one

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    Interested in anything CN80. I ran a business with a 4P 128K 2x360k drives and a grafyx board. I relied on Computer News 80 and Stan for a lot of support. I talked to Stan
    Stan many times on the phone. I would be interested in any of the software. I am espescially interested in any software written by David Goben. I have the manuals and disks but none of
    the disks were still good. I would love to have working copies of sub-directory, fformat and fbackup. I had a complete set of CN 80 magazines and had to leave them
    in another state when I moved. I would like to have the complete set again. I have managed to by several editions off ebay. A year or so ago I sent a request out on the
    Yahoo TRS-80 Group about these magazines but didn't get much response.

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    The software collection (324MB) is now ready for download.

    Have fun,

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    I have a couple of Dave Goben titles on my hi-res downloads page:

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