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Thread: New here and a lot of questions about Commodore PET (2001 and 8032)

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    Default New here and a lot of questions about Commodore PET (2001 and 8032)

    Hi folks, just stumbled on this forum and started reading about some Commodore computers.
    But let me introduce myself first: My name in Bert Zonneveld (user: BertZonn why not?)
    I was born in 1957 in the Netherlands but I moved to Belgium 12 years ago. I got married and devorced there and then remarried my current wife who is 23 years younger then me. We also have a beautiful 8 year old daughter. I started with Commodore when I bought a brand new VIC-20 with the datasette. I believe this was in 1982/1983. Paid topdollar back then. Later I bought the floppydrive (1540).
    I've had a C64 also and the C128 (not 128D). I knew about the PET (2001) but it wasn't for sale anymore and not in color so I started with teh VIC-20.
    If there are any questions about me don't hesitate to ask/mail me.

    The reason I joined this forum is because I want to buy a vintage computer (PET model) and I have 2 options.
    1. I can buy a PET 2001-32
    2. I can buy a CBM-8032. I don't which one is the best choise.

    The 2001 is a working 115V 60Hz model with C2N player and the 8032 is a 220V 50Hz model. I'm not sure the 8032 is in working condition.
    Here in Belgium we have 220V 50Hz. Both computers are about 300-350 euro each (the Euro () is our currency and 100 is $ 106)
    So my first question is: which one should I buy?

    Then I have a second question: Is it possible to connect a modern floppy drive (1541, 1570 or 1571) to these old computers?
    The original Commodore drives are very expensive here and very hard to find.

    If someone has any ideas please let me know.


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    An important point to remember is that if you want to play the old PET games, you really want a 40-column machine with a "Graphics Keyboard", not the "Business keyboard".

    95% of the games and meant for the former machine (the PET 2001 or other 40 column PET).

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    Thanks Ral-Clan,

    So the better, more usefull computer would be the 2001-32.
    This one is designed to work on 115V 60Hz. The seller has a transformer from 220V to 110V so that can't be a problem.
    What about the difference in line- frequency (50Hz or 60Hz)? Could that be a problem?

    $_57.jpg$_57 (1).jpg

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    I agree with Ral-Clan. You want the 40 column screen and the graphics keyboard. It sounds like you'll have to rewire the 2001 for 220V, though.

    At this time, there is no way I'm aware of connecting C64 drives to the PET. I had little trouble finding an affordable 8050 drive here, though (I had 2 come my way for less than $100 Canadian in a month).

    Below is my PET 2001-N (32K) with 8050 Disk Drive


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    Hi Bish500,

    nice machines you have. I worked with an early model PET in the eighties. The first one with the build-in cassetteplayer and I liked it a lot. That is the reason I wold like to have a Commodore PET myself.
    Maybe I can find a affordable drive myself someday. I think I will start using cassettes in the beginning.

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    so I would be better of with the 2001-32N. Is it a problem to run the machine at 50Hz? On the back it says 115V 60Hz. There is a transformer (220V -> 110V) included in the sale.
    Here are 2 pictures of the 2001-32N

    $_57 (1).jpg$_57.jpg

    If I wanted to replace the transformer where could I buy a 220V type?

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    Is it a problem if the computer is 60Hz and our mains is 50Hz?

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    It seems I can't reply to this thread. I've tried several times but my threads don't appear of the forum. Maybe because I tried to upload 2 pictures?.

    So I would be better of with the 2001-32N computer on 115V?
    Then I would like to know if it is a problem to run the machine on 50Hz while the computer states 60Hz on the back.
    I also would like to know where I could buy a transformer to change the unit from 115V to 220V.
    The seller had an external transformer for 220V down to 110V and this appears te work. I'm affraid that somebody makes the mistake to plug in on 220V whitout the transformer.

    BTW: how can I show pictures?

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    Hello everybody, I'm sorry for the multiple posts above. I know a moderator is checking my posts before placing them but it took a while (not moderating on sundays?) so I thought my posts weren't coming through. My mistake because I'm very impatient/exited about the PET. To the moderator(s): please remove the non relevant posts above.

    Ok, I bought the 2001-32N. Picked it up this morning. Man, it was dirty inside!! Full with dust so I took the vacuumcleaner and removed as much dust as possible.
    20170214_100935.jpg 20170214_100943.jpg 20170214_100956.jpg 20170214_101009.jpg

    Then I removed the mainboard and cleaned it as much as I could.
    I will do a better job next time but for now the mainboard is clean enough. I reconnected all the wires and switched the machine on.

    There was no beep so there is something wrong there.
    There is also a problem with the monitor. Instead of a nice black screen I have a green lit screen with very bright lines going across the screen. Some are horizontal and others go in a slope to the next horizontal line.
    Could this be a problem of running on 50Hz instead of 60Hz?


    I also see (barely)
    ### COMMODORE BASIC ####
    31743 BYTES FREE

    When I type the command LOAD it asks me to PRESS PLAY ON TAPE #1
    When I do so it shows OK and SEARCHING

    So I think the computer works fine at this time.

    I would like to do a full restoration of this computer so I'm going to clean the keyboard (contacts) and a news coat of paint on the outside.
    I think I will post pictures of the restoration here on the forum.

    Does anybody have a solution for the bright lines on the monitor? The monitor is 9"

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    Congratulations, and welcome to the world of PET owners!

    Wow; that was dusty for sure!

    The 2001 models do not have a beeper, so no beep is not a problem.

    Regarding the screen, try turning the brightness knob sticking out the back of the monitor.

    Good luck!


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