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Thread: Raytheon VT302

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    Could it be that 30-33V in fact was correct? The fans have been wired in a weird way, as if they wanted to hook them up in serial, so that could be an indication:
    If the fans are wired in serial, it may be an attempt to get them running at a lower speed so they will be quieter. Fans will typically run on a range of voltages, especially if they are just DC motors.

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    That makes sense. Now I just have to figure out what the correct voltage should be. If I don't, I guess I'll put it together and use it as-is - after all, the voltage after recapping is a bit lower than, and the machine seemed to work just fine before that. After reading around it does seem like it wasn't too uncommon for weird voltages in computers back in the days, so I guess 30-32V might be just what it's intended for.

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    Ok, so I adjusted the voltage to ~31V, that is back to where it was after recapping. I connected all peripherals, powered on and now both the fans were turning - and the power rail had regulated itself to ~33.41V with the monitor on and ~34.65V with the monitor off. 5V and 12V rails stay the same. I don't think I'll get any further with this, except that it seems that the voltage is in the right area, since both fans are running. I'm not well versed in power supplies, but would be really interesting if anyone could chime in on why the voltage differs so greatly.

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