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Thread: Looking for Boca Research FTP site lovin'

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    Question Looking for Boca Research FTP site lovin'

    Folks, I am delving deeper into the 8570 and related IBM microchannel systems.

    A Boca Research SSP caught my eye. I went back with Internet Archive into 1996, but their blasted FTP site was password and ID even then.

    I see that the Boca FTP was mirrored in 2010,

    Where did it go?

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    I think several people grabbed it--I did, and it resides on a DVD in my collection. But surely someone must have made an online copy.

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    On FTP and HTTP:

    Please don't mirror directly from my archive, if you want a full copy let me know and I'll send you a CD, tape, MO cartridge, et c.

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    This helps with my software archeology on the Boca Research parallel cards.

    Hot day-um, my Boca page seems to be missing.

    File area # 19 ... Input Output Boards & IDE Boards
    File area # 20 ... Memory Boards

    Bummer, most of the stuff for MCA boards seems to be somewhere else...
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