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Thread: Apple ///+ or not?

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    Default Apple ///+ or not?

    Been watching this one for months:

    If it *is* a true ///+, that is not actually a bad price. But what's throwing me is the keyboard. Every ///+ I've seen before has the IIe Platinum-style small black font for the key legends. This has the regular /// fonts.

    I thought maybe the serial number would provide the clue. Remembering that the A2S1 was the original Apple II and the A2S2 was the II+, I figured A3S1 would be the regular /// and A3S2 (as on this machine) would be ///+. However I've done a bit more digging around and several regular /// machines seem to have the A3S2 serial prefix. So now I'm really confused.

    I'm reluctant to talk to the seller about buying this because I don't really know how to prove that it's actually a ///+ other than trusting the case badge, which I know from experience is not really ideal. I'm wondering if this is a really early ///+, where they were still using the original keyboard, or maybe a keyboard replacement. Or maybe like the Lisa 2, where they took Lisa 1 machines and re-gutted them to Lisa 2 specs and then gave them a Lisa 2 serial.

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    The initial (non-Plus) Apple III had a different keyboard layout with the up and down arrows stacked on different rows, the open- and solid-apple keys grouped together on the left side, and no Delete key.

    This is undoubtedly a III Plus keyboard, even though it has the older-style white print on the keycaps. Which means this is a very early III Plus, and a variation rare enough that I didn't even know it existed until today!

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    My Engineering unit III+ has the same keyboard.

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    You can tell it's a ///+ by the floppy connector on the back.

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    It is also odd the seller repeatedly refers to it as a 128K computer when the serial plate says it is a 256K machine.


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