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Thread: What is this Periperal Device (Found in junk) Label Says "Convergent" NGeN Computer

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    Oh God, it looks like the illegitimate mutant child of a PC-Jr's sidecar! Probably seen better days too. I'd love to see what's inside it!
    My vintage systems: Tandy 1000 HX, Tandy 1000 RSX, and some random Pentium in a Hewitt Rand chassis...

    Some people keep a classic car in their garage. Some people keep vintage computers. The latter hobby is cheaper, usually takes less space, and is less likely to lead to a fatal accident.

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    Quote Originally Posted by blackepyon View Post
    I'd love to see what's inside it!

    A backplane, cards, and a switching power supply.
    The NGEN was weird in that all of the modules take a 36v power brick and regulate down to what each module needs.
    The backplane is sort-of Multibus. They patented it.



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