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Thread: What is this Periperal Device (Found in junk) Label Says "Convergent" NGeN Computer

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    Oh God, it looks like the illegitimate mutant child of a PC-Jr's sidecar! Probably seen better days too. I'd love to see what's inside it!
    My vintage systems: Tandy 1000 HX, Tandy 1000 RSX, and some random Pentium in a Hewitt Rand chassis...

    Some people keep a classic car in their garage. Some people keep vintage computers. The latter hobby is cheaper, usually takes less space, and is less likely to lead to a fatal accident.

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    Quote Originally Posted by blackepyon View Post
    I'd love to see what's inside it!

    A backplane, cards, and a switching power supply.
    The NGEN was weird in that all of the modules take a 36v power brick and regulate down to what each module needs.
    The backplane is sort-of Multibus. They patented it.


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    Yes, you're at it; it was called "Bull Questar" in France.

    ==> I remember the power bricks laying all around and the horizontal assembly…. and the CTOS name.

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    Al & Chuck(G)

    Thanks to both of you for pointing WallyB to me in this thread. He has reached out to me by email, and we are planning on working out a way to save this piece of an NGEN System. It's true, my restoration work is bleeding over into those, which is a very interesting thing indeed. I hope to have examples of all of these vintage Convergent machines working again someday soon.

    I'll post updates here as I'm able, and have anything to report, for any who might be interested.

    Quote Originally Posted by Al Kossow View Post
    Before Bob Supnik retired from Unisys, CHM worked out an agreement to release the NGEN system code.
    We're still trying to find it. It was handed off to a support company in India, and disappeared without a trace.

    CHM has several generations of the system, as do I.
    Documentation and binaries for the system are on bitsavers under convergent

    The 68000-based Unix systems aren't as common. AJ Palmgren's site is probably what you're thinking of

    The best known Convergent 68K is the AT&T 7300
    Here are some related images of interest, just for nostalgia and context here...

    NGEN System.jpg
    Courtesy Jim Wheeler ‎Convergent Technologies Alumni Facebook Group Manager

    Courtesy Bhaskar Prabhala, former Convergent employee

    Thanks everyone!
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    Courtesy Gerald Hawkins (former Convergent employee)

    I have all of his pictures from inside the plant and offices of Convergent featured at the bottom of my site at , if anyone wishes to peruse.

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