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Thread: Wanted Compaq LTE Lite & LTE/286 service manuals

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    Default Wanted Compaq LTE Lite & LTE/286 service manuals

    I am looking for the service manuals for the Compaq LTE Lite and LTE/286 laptops. A link to download one or both of these would be highly appreciated!

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    Default Compaq LTE 286

    I have an LTE 286. Everything works except the floppy drive. The belt was bad, and I was able to temp one with a rubber band. The top (floating) head is bad. Because the CMOS battery had died, I'm not able to boot from the hard drive which is most likely working. I don't have any manuals, but I do have the really nice padded case, power supply and a battery. I don't know about the condition of the battery, but I'm sure it could be rebuilt.

    I have some data I'd like to recover from the hard drive, but I need a working floppy drive. I'd be willing to GIVE this machine to anyone who can loan me a floppy drive so I can recover the data. I'll even kick in shipping both ways.

    I can be reached at mattvann at suddenlink dot net.

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    Default Technical Reference Guide

    I have a ring binder version of the Technical Reference Guide for the Compaq LTE and LTE/286 Personal Computer. Is this of any use to anybody?

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    This forum can have GUEST posters? I didnt even realize that.

    Compaqportabeplus, let me know what you come across Im still trying to find the correct voltages to make an ac adapter for my SLT 286

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