If someone is looking at 4 channel scopes that are in the 2000 class level (a step up from the 1000 class entry level, most vendors seem to have similar number schemes now) Rohde & Schwarz just announced their RTB2000 series. I haven't seen any full reviews of them yet. Bloggers are just getting them now.

The interesting thing is that they appear to have an launch edition deal where you can get a fully optioned out 4 channel, 300MHz + 16 digital channel RTB2004 for $2000 instead of the regular list price of close to $6000.

A lot more scope than is really necessary for vintage computer work, but if you do have a need for that level of scope, or just have the budget and want one, it might be interesting to take a look. If nothing else more players in the scope market is always good for driving prices down.

Rohde & Schwarz RTB2K-COM4.99 RTB Complete Oscilloscope
Launch Edition Promo Includes Options Worth $5,865!
300 MHz, 4-ch + 16 ch MSO, 10bit, 10 MSa, 10" WXGA Touchscreen, Waveform/Pattern Generator, 12C/SPI/RS232/UART/CAN/LIN Trigger/Decode, History/Segmented with 160MSa of memory. (RTB plus: RTB-B234, B1, B6, K1, K2, K3. K15) (1333.1005P99)