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Thread: Sage & Stride Users

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    I typically pick a long text or asm file such as Dump.asm or Format.asm, and have a quick look at all the
    source code, making sure it's sane and ends properly. That makes sure my definition has grabbed the
    proper bytes/sectors to create a proper source file.

    Glad it worked for you.


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    Here is a 'not all but useful' reconstruct of the "" from the webarchive

    and here zipped.

    A lot of files from the ftp downloads are missing but I hope someone will send them to me.

    As I knew one SAGE from stephan is working now and 2 other boards will hopefully be repaired next try this summer.

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    Just wanted to bring this thread again up... Maybe there are meanwhile new Sage owners around?

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    Sadly I do not have a Sage. Passed on a 100$ USD Sage-II some 15 years ago " I'll find a cheaper one".

    And I did find, some years ago an ad "Free to good home : Sage IV, with terminal, disks and terminal". Even local to me....
    Mailed the guy : " sorry, that ad is 3 weeks old and I chucked it in the meantime....." Sigh......

    But the machine has excellent docu available : should be a nice target for a retro-build.


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    I am in contact with an other SAGE owner who has plenty of software and documentation for the machine. I hope there will be some exchange in the near future.

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