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Thread: Looking for Seattle Computer SCP-300 ROM

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    Default Looking for Seattle Computer SCP-300 ROM

    All --

    I was finally able to locate (after more than a year) a Seattle Computer SCP-300F CPU Support Board for a project I'm working on. The ROM label is "MON.86 v1.5 TDD" which I take to mean that it was compiled for the Tarbell DD floppy controller which of course I don't have; I have the Cromemco FDC16 controller. I do have the source for the V1.5 monitor so I guess I can try to recompile it with the right switch, but I first wanted to check if anyone had a dump of the correct ROM that they could send me.

    Let me know. Thanks!


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    Rich, this is Chris Keegan. In the event you're looking for specifics to a Seattle Gazelle, contact the MARCH sig. I should think you would have specified that, but whatever. Jim Scheef eithet donated his Gazelle to the group, or still has it, or donated it somewhere else. Good luck.

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    Thanks Chris. I forgot that MARCH (or now, Vintage Computer Federation) had a Gazelle. I'm on-list there so I'll follow up.

    On a side note, I re-compiled a version of the monitor for the Cromemco 16FDC and burned a new EPROM. The monitor seems to work fine, other than a random extra character when printing the banner (an accented "e") which I attribute to TeraTerm and extra LF characters in the code.

    I have an IMD image of SCP-DOS 1.0 that I need to make into a workable disk; thinking of using a modified 1.2MB disk drive rather than 8" (as I do with my IMSAI system).

    More to come.



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