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See: http://www.glitchwrks.com/2017/02/26/osi-560z-build

Great stuff (at least if you're into OSI equipment, and maybe even if you're not)!

I'd be happy to take those chips off your hands and put them to good use. I acquired and studied all of the sales and technical literature when Intersil introduced the IM6100 family, but their cost significantly exceeded by student-level paltry hobby budget. Of course, the 6120 came along and "beat the pants off them" with a higher level of integration and the 32K-word "panel memory" designed to compete with the 8/e design, whereas the 6100 was a first-foray based on the 8/I and an (alas) nonstandard I/O solution.
Yep, the reproduction 560Z board is probably the cheapest way to have something to do with an IM6100! Thanks for rescuing them from the trash -- they're not unobtanium but they are far from common.

The good thing about the 560Z design is the I/O and memory management is all microcoded on the 6502 host system. You can make it do whatever you wish -- microcode it for standard PDP-8/e I/O, emulate the 6120, or do your own thing!

The 12-bit RAM board I've been designing is nearly done, so that will make for a cheap/easy RAM solution on either side of the bus, much nicer than trying to find OSI 420 boards and enough good 2102 SRAMs to get going. We're not quite at the "you can order a full OSI worth of new-made boards," but that is the eventual goal.