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Thread: Help creating floppys for Compaq Portable

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    Default Help creating floppys for Compaq Portable

    Hello all, I have recently picked up a Compaq Portable and would like to know if it's possible to write disk images to blank 360k floppys with a windows 98 machine. I do not currently have a 5.25 drive in the 98 machine but i would be willing to buy one if it will work. I have the images for Compaq dos 3.1 and some other games that I would like have on actual disks. Please let me know if there is any more info that is needed.

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    I just went through this myself a few weeks back. What I ended up doing was taking one of the 360k 5.25" drives out of the Compact Portable and hooking it up to a Pentium Pro box running Win98. I then used raread.exe and rawrite2.exe to read and write disk images. You can find floppy disk images at winworldpc.

    To make this work, you need two things:
    1. A machine with a BIOS that supports 360k 5.25 drives. I'm not sure when they stopped support, but anything 90's or earlier should work.
    2. A floppy cable with the 5.25 style connector. I think they stopped including these connectors sometime in the mid 90's. In a pinch, you might be able to temporarily borrow the floppy cable from the Compact Portable.

    Once you got some basic tools and drivers copied over to 5.25 disks, you can use laplink or intersvr with either a null modem cable (requires a serial port, which mine didn't have originally) or a laplink parallel cable (which I don't have either). What I did instead was get an old parallel port Iomega Zip-100 drive and the palmZip driver, which supports Zip drives on an 8088. When I want to write disks now, I just copy the images on to a zip disk and write them using the drives in Compaq Portable.


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