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Thread: Video Genie to TRS 80 Expansion Interface

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    I have just completed a NEW_VG_to_TRS-80_EI card compatible with the PCM 50/40 INTERFACE card.
    This card seems to work fine.
    Caution the printer output does not work!
    I might may be make a version with the printer
    The other difference is in the printer address. In the TRS-80, the printer is at address 14312. In the System 80, it is at port FD. Unless you make your own printer interface hardware, this will not matter, since you will buy a suitable printer for your own machine. It could cause problems in programs that do not use the printer driver routines in Basic, so take considerable care when buying word processor software. Do not try to run a machine in a non-TRS-80 machine. Radio Shack's word processor (Scripsit



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    Quote Originally Posted by TheCorfiot View Post
    Pascal, i have a spare Video Genie Cassette unit with one fault, guess?

    Yes the cassette latch is broken...
    this is due to a very small weak plastic hook, i know i can engineer a solution let me have a good look.

    Thank you again

    My had same problems I made some pictures.

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    Thank you for the picture, I now see the problem before disassembling.


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