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Thread: Seen on ebay: Unbuilt McGraw-Hill NRI Microcomputer kit

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    Default Seen on ebay: Unbuilt McGraw-Hill NRI Microcomputer kit

    Just thought I would mention this:

    It is quite similar to a "CREI 680" system that I have - except for branding, and that mine looks like trash. This eBay item looks in near perfect and unbuilt condition! It is a Motorola 6800 series computer/electronics trainer and can be operated at different levels of completion. Although it has a keyboard, it also has blinkenlights on a smaller control panel.

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    That's amazing. I wish I had the $$ for it.

    Way back in my Jr. year of high school, a math teacher had one of those - it used a black & white TV as a display. He had us doing a head-to-head challenge with a game of Othello between that machine and a Commodore 64. I don't recall at all which machine did a better game of Othello, but the machine was unforgettable because of how it differed from the PETs and '64s we had in class.

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    Just bought that unbuilt kit on EBay. I'm going to build it and get it running. Maybe do a series of you tube videos showing the build and operation. I noticed that the PCBs are prebuilt and are very early 6800 boards from "Motorola Memory Systems". Only just received a working MEK6800D2 a few days ago. Two great finds in one month! If you have any questions or have any info you could share please don't hesitate to do so.


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