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Thread: Tektronix UNIX workstation

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    Default Tektronix UNIX workstation

    Well over two decades ago, I acquired a Unix workstation that was being discarded. It was a desktop style case, maybe slightly larger than the IBM 5170. It was 68k based, if I remember right. It had a 17" monitor with rounded corners, and nothing distinct otherwise, no brand name or anything.

    Unfortunately, I didn't really have a use for it, didn't have space for it, and couldn't give it away. So I kept the monitor (and used it with my Amiga until finally discarding it about 7 years ago. I also kept the power supply and floppy drive (both which I still have) and tossed the rest.

    I'm almost positive the computer said Tektronix on the front. I was told recently by someone that it couldn't possibly have been made by Tektronix, because they didn't make such a thing. Is this true? Was this unit rebranded, or am I just mistaken in remembering that it was a Texktronix?
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    Tektronix did make 68k-based Unix workstations (the OS was branded UTek), the 4300 and 4400 series. There's a catalog on Bitsavers, do any of them look familiar? http://bitsavers.informatik.uni-stut...88_Catalog.pdf

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    That one labeled 4224 (I think, can't look there and here at the same time, and browser keeps re-redownloading the file) looks familiar; I very much remember the plastic louvres. I thought it was bigger than that, but maybe not.
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