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Thread: Olivetti 386 & 486 for trade!

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    Cool Olivetti 386 & 486 for trade!


    So I'm having a clear out to save some space. As a result of this I have 1x Olivetti 386 M380/C and 1x Olivetti M4 Modulo 40. Firstly both of the cases are seriously tatty, they partially in bits, missing drives etc. I can't guarantee they work 100% (though the electronics should all be fine). They would both be projects.

    I'm looking to trade these for just about anything vintage PC wise. (I basically don't want to end up skipping them). I'm an engineering student so maybe if you have anything vintage computer wise that's related to that? If not don't worry, as I say just about anything.

    Collection from WR10 area in the UK.

    Cheers all!

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    Also, I forgot to mention they will come with two Olivetti brand keyboards (no idea if they work). One good condition, one less good.

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    Basically interested, but what do you want for them and how much would be shipping cost to Germany?


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