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Thread: Trivector minicomputer / Megatronics disc drives

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    Thanks for the info! It looks like that Diablo indeed!

    I was thinking to put the whole machine on it's back (if that fit's into the car that way)
    In this way the carriage could not come out. This to protect the fixed disk...
    But I also read in the Diablo manual that you must not turn the unit upside down.

    Maybe I can open it up somehow and lock it with a cable zip tie as Chuck mentioned.

    The man told me he bought the whole system in 1981. I've got the feeling that it was
    a bit outdated at that time... I really wonder what date codes I will find...

    Regards, Roland
    Last edited by Roland Huisman; Yesterday at 12:57 PM.
    Wanted: case for Altair 8800 in good or bad shape or even a replica.

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