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Thread: Qantel System 88 w/ 45XP

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    Wow, thanks for all the replies!

    Negatory on the 45XP. Just like yours, the 45 was bolted together with the other frame making a - ta-da! - 88.
    I see, thanks for clearing that up!

    I"ll have to contact Qantel. I did think about it before, but I figured it'd be more of last resort if it didn't work right. At least that way I'll be ready if anything goes wrong.

    I'm in Stevens Point! I picked the machine up in Sun Prairie, it was a bit of a drive, but totally worth it

    I'll get some more pictures and names of the cards and whatnot.

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    Those two cities always seemed so similar to me; hard to think of it as a long drive. It's a nice drive in any case.

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    PS2..Point? I work in Point as an IT manager! Soon to be retired (hopefully) IT manager. Small world.
    It was in Sun Prairie? Hmmm, don't remember any Qantel 88's around Madison. Oh well, Madison was usually covered out of a different branch, Rockford, if I remember correctly. Did you buy it from the original owner?

    KC9 - bah, Point is a college town, Sun Prairie a burb of Madison. You're right though, not a bad drive down 39.

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