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Thread: VFX-1 VR Gaming Helmet Reverse Engineering Project

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    I've been able to get in touch with someone (Ash Evans) who has knowledge of the Digital Signal Processor and FPGA. (Partly thanks to Foone Turing.)

    It seems that we could probably dispense with the FPGA altogether in order to reduce complexity, and the Digital Signal Processor seems to be a common IC.

    It all started with TubeTime posting a comment about the reverse-engineered Adlib card getting a new name (The Radlib):

    Most of the new information starts from my tweets in that thread. I'm known as Kazuo Ichigama on Twitter.

    Hopefully this is able to move forward.

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    PArdon me for being disconnected from the project here but why did the Adlib repro get a name change exactly? Was it a personal decision to separate from the real deal to prevent product confusion....or because someone was stupid enough to flat-out clone a card and not check and see if the copyright was still valid?
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