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Thread: My very rare 486 lives with my Pentiums!

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    Default My very rare 486 lives with my Pentiums!

    I found a way to connect up to 8 computers together. Sharing the same monitor, Keyboard & Mouse. No conflicts, easily switch to any of 8 Computers, no matter what the OS or design. Yes my 486 can run perfectly well with my Pentiums. Sharing all the same peripherals.

    See it here:

    And see the story behind my rare 486 find here:

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    Nice, you found an 8-port KVM switch! I got a whole bunch of them (well six) that were being thrown out from a data centre refit a few years ago. They are handy things. If you have enough retro PCs you can even daisy chain them, and use the one keyboard and mouse with 16 or 24 computers (through a single menu.) I like the ones that are powered via the PS/2 ports so you don't need external power, although the drawback of these is that some of them lose all the settings when the power goes off, like the labels you have put in the menu for each port.

    You can even get ones that work over IP so you can remotely connect to your machines over the Internet (not that I'd recommend old ones of this type - they often only work with old versions of IE.) Not sure whether the new ones let you use something like VNC but that's what you'd really want.

    You can also get ones with two console ports, allowing you to connect two keyboards, two monitors and two mice, and then see any two machines at the same time.

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    Yep KVM switches are great and been around for a lot of years but mostly in IT departments. I have a small one I use occasionally. On a side note, boy those black keyboards really show up the dust and dirt!


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