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Thread: What vintage PC hardware is considered highly collectible or ordinary and unwanted?

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    I have bought and sold 100s of vintage PC items over the years. Everything is supply and demand. Plus quality. Generic TW ISA Windows 9X era sound cards are worthless. Roland / GUS are valuable.

    IBM always sells pretty well. Generic PCs not so much.

    There is a lot of really cheap supply when you spend time browsing and using alternative keywords on eBay / Craigslist (SearchTempest) / FreeCycle / Facebook and hobbyist websites.

    I have virtually nothing left. Got tired and frustrated with it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zombienerd View Post
    Many of these are probably going to companies that have "mission critical" machines that are 10-20 years old. They die, the business doesn't want to shell out for a completely new piece of kit, so they buy another machine of the same vintage, and patch the problem.

    My previous job (on Cable Ships) we had more P1 and P2 hardware (and even a few 3/486's) running things than you'd expect. These are in pieces of equipment that costed hundreds of thousands of dollars, and upgrading would cost hundreds of thousands more.. So, we'd regularly find vintage hardware on eBay or other sources to patch our failed stuff to keep it going another few years. I have no doubt this will continue until there is no more compatible hardware on eBay. Before I left, the last upgrades were installing DOM's on some PII Rackmount PC's that ran the Kongsberg Echosounder. Those things were already 15 years old, and had the original 2gb hdd's still plugging away happily until one of the 6 units failed.. We upgraded the whole fleet.
    This is true - I am a (very) amateur machinist, and I know a lot of the cnc guys have machines that are controlled by pc's that still use floppy disks.
    There was a general wave of relief that spread throughout the community when the first usb floppy emulators came out.
    Floppies are fun to mess around with, but I imagine they would be much less fun if you had to rely on them for a non vintage computer related task.
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