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Thread: Through-hole soldering

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    Default Through-hole soldering

    I'm willing to take care of any of your through-hole soldering needs! Replacing chips, installing sockets, battery removal/replacement, installing new components, etc.

    I have 9 years professional soldering experience from my time in the Navy (1999 - 2007), as a 2M Miniature / Microminiature soldering technician. I was qualified to solder SMT, and even BGA devices. I saved the Navy over a million dollars in my time with them by replacing components on very expensive circuit boards.

    I am a HAM radio operator, and keep my skills current regularly! My current soldering station isn't SMT-ready, but I can handle any through-hole work. Temperature regulated system with soldering handpiece, vacuum desoldering handpiece, and hot air handpiece. ESD protected workmat, and wristband.

    Flat rates to be agreed upon before you ship your board, and I am more than willing to take parts or systems in trade for my work
    Current Vintage Equipment - M571-based Socket 7 PC, IBM Aptiva A12, Commodore VIC20.
    Looking for: Dirt Cheap XT, AT, 386, 486, and a C64, parts or whole systems.

    I'm willing to solder for you. 9 years professional through-hole and surface mount experience. I can do any through-hole work with my current bench. Cash or interesting parts accepted!

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    That's a good thing. I've seen many people who are interested in home brew computers or projects who can't participate due to inability to put the boards together. Some are infirm due to age or disability, others just don't have the patience. It would be helpful to have a soldering or partial assembly service available. Certainly it would make the project cost more but I think it would allow more people to participate. Some people can solder PTH easily enough but can't manage the QFPs (especially TQFPs fine pitch). I can see this being very helpful on both the Gryphon/Jackalope board and also the Linux-SBC I am working on presently. Probably there are several others too. I recall the subject of assembly came up regularly on the XT-IDE project. Thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zombienerd View Post
    I'm willing to take care of any of your through-hole soldering needs! Replacing chips, installing sockets, battery removal/replacement, installing new components, etc.
    I have two pieces of note.

    There is capacitor juice under the SCSI controller chip.

    The second is quite different.

    In this case, the ferrite core on a transformer cracked, luckily (?) it was not powered on. When I moved it, I could hear the light metallic tinkle. No board components appear fried.

    The second part (T1) is through-hole, but the pins are muy macho. I'd like to get the remains of T1 off the PCB and a suitable replacement installed. Also, the printing on the ferrite core faces a power FET (whatever) so I cannot make out the small print....

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    I have an Atari XEGS motherboard that I think I ruined trying to desolder some through-hole mounted ICs a few months ago. I have a 1MB memory expansion card but my particular model doesn't have the two OS ROMs or MMU IC socketed. I tried to do it myself but the results were less than satisfactory. Thankfully the expansion replaces the chips themselves (it emulates the MMU and has a selectable OS) so they don't need to be salvageable.

    Is there any way you could tell through photos if it's worth trying to get this one working again? I don't know if it's wrecked or not but XEGS motherboards are pretty easy to come by anyway.

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    I have seen lot's of advice given to people on soldering electronic components, some of it good, some not so good. I have seen people use all sorts of rubbish and claim it does the job, $2 soldering irons and other crazy stuff.


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