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Thread: WARNING Doomsday Clock now at 2min 30sec, the Closest since 1953 to Midnight

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    Exactly. The Norks don't need nukes to raise hell and they've carefully avoiding doing really damaging things like massively pounding Seoul with conventional artillery. If they wanted to do serious damage they could have done it many times by now. This is all showmanship in attempt to shake down the west for more goodies. It worked well for them in the early 1990's so they are just trying again what they know works. Sooner or later someone will respond, send them some grain and fuel oil shipments and they'll go back to their nuclear program to do it all over again. They are not stupid, just well trained. For the Norks, the threat is far more effective than actually doing anything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Druid6900 View Post
    The Cuban missile crisis was only scary because it was in your backyard...
    Oh, Canada! My home and native land... is right next door to our neighbours the Americans!

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    Quote Originally Posted by lynchaj View Post
    Predictably, this group of leftist hacks don't like that the US elected a Republican president and are now whining that it will be the end of the world -- just like they did when Reagan was elected. It is total nonsense and silly foolishness..
    Aren't you missing out GWB? Still paying the price for his interventions

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    Not a fan. He didn't even have the courage of his own convictions to defend for his actions. Left everyone who supported him to twist in the wind. Lies spread by the malignant left went unchecked and spread like a cancer with no one to refute them. Terrible president.

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    To be fair to the OP, this nonsense from the constipated scientists has generated a lot of activity in this thread.

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    2 and a half Minutes to Midnight.....hey, that's not that Iron Maiden song.... J/K

    I don't speak much on such things on public forums very often, but I'm sick of the left/right stuff myself as someone else said too. What I call "football politics" are part of how we got into our current messes to begin with.

    (scurries off to go listen to Iron Maiden)

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    I think this whole thread is one big rickroll -- without the Rick Astley.

    So to put this waste of time out of our misery, here he is... Rick Astley

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    Quote Originally Posted by lyonadmiral View Post
    Oh, Canada! My home and native land... is right next door to our neighbours the Americans!
    Yup, but, if the US and Russia start trading trans-polar nukes, guess who is in the middle (literally)?
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    I live in a valley surrounded by mountains 200 miles from the nearest target of interest. I have food, water, and fuel stores for 6 months, enough ammo to hunt for the next decade or so, and a few bottles of iodide pills. I have access to a fallout shelter. Let them bombs fall, we need a reset anyway. Best of luck to all of you who chose the big city life
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    Quote Originally Posted by zombienerd View Post
    ... we need a reset anyway. Best of luck to all of you who chose the big city life
    You may have read biologist Guy McPherson's take on this? He did build a bunker then realized it wasn't enough to avoid suffering from eventual loss of habitat, which he predicts is about 10 years off - not withstanding global war of course. I don't agree with his rapid timeline but met him recently and he's certainly got the components right, being the inability of our food chain to adapt fast enough to continual climate disruption.

    Humans will get that reset we need but I think that our end will ramp down over no more than 300 years, with the restart several million later, hopefully with a more intelligent and less gullible life form that intuitively understands our environment far better than we do.

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