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    System Specs, drivers & manual for NEC Versa 4080H

    Type of System: Laptops / Notebooks
    Bus Architecture: 2x PC Card (PCMCIA)
    Native OS: DOS / Windows
    CPU Type: 120MHz Intel Pentium
    Standard Memory: 8 MB (non-removable)
    Maximum Memory: 40 MB
    Memory Expansion: 1 socket
    10.4" TFT Active Color Display
    16bit Sound with Speaker / Mic Jacks
    Infrared Port
    Speaker & Microphone Jacks
    Serial, Video, Parallel

    Drivers and information that came on NEC VERSA 4080H hard drive.

    NECINFO = NEC manual and introduction to NEC VERSA 4080H
    NECUTILS = Battery voltage meter, program to help save shared files on HDD, Smart Switch driver, TEAC CD-ROM driver, PHDISK 2.7.
    POWERPAN = Phoenix PowerPanel Power Management Configuration V 1.50.02
    TEAC = CD-ROM driver for removable CD-ROM driver
    TRANXIT = TranXit V1, Share files with infrared, parallel cable or serial cable.
    USING95 = Interactive guide on Windows 95 by Modern Age Books.
    VERSAGLD = NEC mouse drivers for Windows en DOS

    Some drivers selected by Windows 98, I am guessing they are correct because everything works fine. Not sure if windows 95 has these drivers by default. Anyways the files down below have official NEC drivers:

    PCMCIA controller = Cirrus Logic PCIC Compatible PCMCIA-controller by Microsoft 1999 Windows 98.
    LCD screen = COMPAQ V50-colourmonitor by Microsoft 1999 windows 98
    Screen adapter (aka video card) = Chips & Tech. Accelerator by Microsoft 1999 Windows 98.
    Soundcard = ES688 AudioDrive by Microsoft 1999 Windows 98

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