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Thread: "PM Sent!" (or, how to use Private Messages correctly)

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    Default "PM Sent!" (or, how to use Private Messages correctly)

    There are a lot of people posting "PM Sent!" replies to threads lately. In short, if you are thinking of doing this then please don't.

    The forum has some common-sense guidelines/rules that can be paraphrased as:

    • Be polite
    • Don't waste other people's time
    • Don't break laws

    The full, more verbose set can be found here:

    Sending a "PM Sent!" type message basically wastes everybody else's time by making them having to flip past a post in a thread that looks to be updated, when the update is not meaningful. And the person you are sending the PM to will be notified by the forum software that they have a message waiting for them. Look up at the top near the right edge where it says 'Notifications' ... if you have a PM waiting, it will tell you there.

    Along the same lines:

    • Don't bump old threads for pretty much the same reason. You see it as getting more exposure. The rest of us see it as an updated thread without an update.
    • Don't necro-post with a slightly related reply to a thread; start a new thread.
    • Do some basic Googling before asking a question. Chances are that somebody else has run into the same situation already. And probably even on this forum too.
    • If you are going to post a reply to a thread that nobody else is going to care about, send a PM instead. The classic example of this is "How much would shipping be to my zip code?" Nobody else needs to see that post.

    Moderating the forums is not a particularly fun task. We do it because people get a lot of value out of the forums. Please don't make our jobs more difficult.

    As for offending posts, they might be just simply deleted. With the number of users we have here we are not going to send a personal message to somebody every time a post gets deleted because it violates the guidelines.
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