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Thread: Model Rocket Program, Vintage G. Harry Stine

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    Default Model Rocket Program, Vintage G. Harry Stine

    G. Harry Stine was a pioneer in creating the hobby of model rocketry in the late 1950's. He wrote a very popular book "Handbook of Model Rocketry" that is in the 7th Edition. During the early years of the personal PC era he wrote a simple BASIC program "RASP-93" to calculate model rocket performance. A program listing appears in the appendix of the book. I was not able to find an electronic copy of this original program anywhere, and subsequently I have typed the program from the printed word. This program will run on an IBM 5150 PC, as well as more modern versions such as QB45. (Change the TXT extension to BAS to use.) Thanks! Michael
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    Sorry if this is a stupid question, but how do you use this. i also have the book, but am a bit confused.

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    ok I don't know if I have been replying because it keeps saying i wasn't logged in, so this is the last time im gonna try. Look im sorry if this is a stupid question, but im a bit confused on how to use this. I also have the book, and when searching for BASIC programing only this came up, so I created an account JUST FOR THIS!

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    Nasa@, you obviously were logged in otherwise you would not have been able to post the above. If you have newly joined the forum your first few posts are held back to be looked at by the moderators and then will appear after they have been cleared. After you've posted a few messages on the forum your posts will start to appear more or less as soon as you have posted them.

    When you log in to the forum you will see a little 'remember me' check box near to the boxes where you enter your username and password, if you tick / check that, you will not have to log back in for a while.

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