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Thread: Disk Image Writer for MS-DOS/Win3.1

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    Question Disk Image Writer for MS-DOS/Win3.1

    I need a floppy disk image writer for MS-DOS/Win3.1. The current software I am using only works with Windows 9x+ and I need to be able to write 5.25 inch disks. I have some other software I've found and a thrift store called Copy II PC but I don't know if this can write floppy images. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Like Imagedisk? I can't imagine what kind of images you'd be writing to 5.25" diskettes under Windows, though.

    Copy II PC as far as I know is only for duplicating diskettes, not reading/writing images. But I could be wrong.

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    Default might be what you are looking for. What program made the images you want to write? Some disk images won't work with some programs.

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    Sometimes you find old software on the internet that is an .img file but it's floppy images rather than CDroms. As far as what software made the images? I don't know. I prefer having access to the actual installer because some software doesn't run right on a real DOS system (like abandonware games you find on the internet that were pre-installed for DOSBOX).

    I've downloaded rawrite, but was just wondering what other options there were.

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    I usually use Mike Brutman's dskimage utility for backing up my floppy disk's, There used to be an old copy of winimage for Dos / Win 3.1 kicking around the net, A long time ago though.

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    Try also FreeDos' diskcopy. A command-line interface we're all used to and does the job.
    For example you can do the usual diskcopy a: b:, but also diskcopy a: c:\file.img and diskcopy c:\file.img a:

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