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Thread: 68000 Educational Computer

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    Default 68000 Educational Computer

    I recently acquired this computer. From my research I gather that it is a Motorola 68000 sold for educational purposes. Is there a fairly easy way to see if it works? It powers on currently. I am an intermediate computer user, but do not have much experience in this department. I assume that there is a way to connect to it remotely through the rs-232 port? Any help is appreciated.

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    Can you add a photo showing the entire PCB and one of the EPROM labels? Might be a standard board that I also have one of in a case I haven't seen before.

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    The board itself is the board listed here

    Its hard to take pictures of the board because of the way it is mounted and wired. However, it is this same board. I assume the case was custom made?


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