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The only problem I ran into was that the original floppy drive failed (even with maintenance), and experimenting with a 26-to-34-pin adapter didn't work.
I have a T5200 with the same problem, and I have found no solution yet. I even used a Chinon FZ-357 with RDY jumpers, etc. Still no luck.

However, somehow while testing this, the VCC line to the right LCD melted it's sheath, and while attemping to repair the cable, several of the tiny 34-pin PDP wires got mixed up. So, I need help understanding the pinout from the display connector (or find a new cable). Thankfully the manual has the motherboard connector pinout so, I'm halfway there.

As for the FDD, I'm considering trying to find a way to cable a standard drive to an ISA expansion slot through the chassis, in the case the onboard FDD controller is not working. Thankfully I can work on this separately from repairing the display cable.

I also wish I had a method to test the original 24-pin FDD on another system to rule that out, especially since others may be in need of a working drive like this.