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Thread: DOS GUI: Dynamic Enviroment 1.18 & 2.01 POWER

  1. Lightbulb DOS GUI: Dynamic Enviroment 1.18 & 2.01 POWER

    Dutch DOS GUI from 1990, but can run on my 8088 just fine.


    DE 1.18 & partial manual
    3 720K 3.5" install disks, but can be run from disks without HD install.

    DE 2.01 POWER
    Copy from MFM harddrive I got, don't have the disks, just the installed files.

    Some of DE's interesting features:

    Ability to easily make your own GUI and programs, with the ability for programs to read, write and use data from files made in other programs (spreadsheet, word, paint, SCRIPT etc)
    Complete word processor with spelling checker, fonts and more:

    Complete database packet:

    Graphics plotter:

    File & directory management:

    Communication packet with support for BBS, VTX and telephone book. Share files online:

    Drawing program:


    SCRIPT to launch DOS programs while in GUI (POWER version)

    DOS command prompt inside window (POWER version only) , run simple DOS commands from GUI or start programs and return to DE when you 'return to DOS'

    Support for many printers.

    Ability to integrate database, spreadsheet, word, paint, SCRIPT, Graphs into DE programs and files. Make a completely interactive DE program with the use of DE functions.
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    Interesting little system. Have to install it even though I don't know Dutch. Surprised to see a tiled GUI in 1990.

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