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Thread: Getting myself into trouble! PS/2 It!

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    ISTR that the early model 50s had a design glitch, which eventually forced IBM to replace all of the planars, free of charge.

    I don't recall the details.

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    I have a Model 80 and I'd say the only downside is the lack of MCA expansion card availability. If you're going to go down the PS/2 rabbit hole, I suggest sticking with the ISA models.
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    I have a Model 95 myself, and I really like the thing. But yeah, as others have said the MCA cards are hard to find, and the CPU upgrades (for the 95 at anyrate) seem to be tricky to locate as well. Still, it's very well engineered machine that just seems to work. My plan is to turn it into an NT 4.0 Server and use it as an FTP server to keep my collected vintage softwares in order and available to my other machines.

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