After a very difficult and extensive search which took many weeks I was able to locate a stock of New unused Motorola JBUG Monitor ROMs (MCM6830AP-2 SCM44520) used in the Motorola MEK6800D2 Microcomputer Module. These are date coded 1979, and I have tested 2 representative samples and found them to work perfectly on my 2 MEK6800D2's. I have one up for auction now on Ebay, currently with no bids and the starting bid set for $50. If it sells, I will put some of my others up for sale on Ebay as well - but if not I will simply hold onto them for a few years as an investment. I really can't discount them as even at $50 I'm not getting back a sufficient return for my cost and time spent searching high and low for them - and I really doubt that any other stock of these parts even exist anymore. It took phone calls and alot of back and forth emails, not just a web search, to find them.

I'm also today going to be listing one of my two MEK6800D2s, Fully tested and working. I'll post a separate thread about that.

If anyone is interested in documentation for either of these two things just drop me a message on Ebay (you can contact me through my listings, just search for "JBUG ROMs" on Ebay). I prefer to keep all my contact within Ebay so that there is no appearance ever that I'm trying to go around them. This is not just my hobby, it is also a part of how I feed my family so I can't really risk losing my Ebay seller privileges. Thanks for understanding.