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Thread: Fixing an Atari 600XL

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    Default Fixing an Atari 600XL

    I've had this for almost ten years, and it's never worked. Finally, one day I opened it up and inspected it. It has a blown component, which I thought, for the longest time, was a diode. It also has two loose wires. It wasn't until today I confirmed it was a capacitor from looking at 600xl_1.png contained within in griz's post here:

    It is C30, connected between pins 8 and 1 on the U10 "Sally" chip. But I don't know what they mean when they say its value is .1. .1 what? .1 uF? .1pF? It looks way too small to be .1F. Is there a standard assumption they're implying in this schematic by omitting the prefix and unit abbreviation?

    I have some .1uF capacitors, and I'd like to try fixing it. To view the schematic I was referring to, please see the link above. Here's the picture of my motherboard:

    As for the wires, it looks like a past owner of this has soldered them in. I can't imagine what was attempted, but there is no label near the solder point for the green one, and I can't read the label near the solder point on the yellow one. It looks like the green one might be soldered to either ground or positive voltage. If I knew what the component labels were that correspond to those points, I could reference the schematic.

    If anyone here owns one of these, would you mind looking at your motherboard and posting a close-up picture of these locations that are circled?

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    It is a decoupling capacitor (because it is connected between VCC and GND (aka VSS) on a chip. Best guess it is 0.1 uF ('u' as i 'my' aka 'micro') in value.
    But you can figure that out for yourself. Here is how; if you look at the schematic, you will notice that U9 also has a capacitor connected between VCC and GND (VSS), it also has the value ".1" (I'm talking about C29). So if you can read the value of that one, you will know what value you will need for C30.

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    Nice, thanks!

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