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Thread: Ever see a PET like this before?

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    Default Ever see a PET like this before?

    Came in to possession of a lot of 'interesting' PET stuff last weekend from a retiring engineer that was obviously *way* in to them BITD. I'm not particularly an expert on the PET/CBM family and this one seems a little 'odd' to me. I assume it's an 8032, but there's some quirks about it:

    * it has no stickers-- none-- no front badging, nothing on the bottom, nothing on the back. (and not like they've been removed as best I can tell either-- it's all "clean", no scratches, no sticker residue-- none of the other machines from the same lot were like this)
    * the PCB doesn't have expansion headers loaded-- not only that-- the pads were apparently masked off to prevent solder from getting in during the wave (or possibly it was selective-soldered in the first place)

    Anybody have any insight in to this? Just a mutant, or something more interesting?


    2017-06-11 19.52.31.jpg2017-06-11 19.53.19.jpg2017-06-11 19.53.27.jpg2017-06-11 19.53.23.jpg2017-06-11 19.53.32.jpg

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    It surely is an 8032 motherboard. It has two option ROMs (the two EPROMs) so, if it were mine, I would dump all the ROMs and send the dumps to Someone on that list would surely identify the options if known, or reverse engineer enough of them.
    I would also check the power supply and try to power it up of course
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    My guess (although it is strange to see the headers missing) is that it formed part of an embedded solution - possibly connected to HPIB/GPIB instruments?

    Agreed with dumping the extra EPROMs that are in the system. Post them here - we can disassemble them and see if there is anything interesting in them!


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    Also, double check that all the mask ROMs have known part numbers, check here:

    if you happen to have a ROM not present in the archive, please dump it and send it here or to cbm-hackers.


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    Nice find!

    The 8000's were the most OEM'd that I know of, I bet this may have been an engineering sample a sales rep might use, or just an in-house test unit. I have an OEM 8000 that is nothing like the retail version

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    Thanks for the input, everyone! I'll definitely pull EPROM and mask ROM images for archival. This was one of many that the seller had (he used them extensively in his engineering business BITD). I'd say he had a minimum of 20 PETs based on the complete machines and loose motherboards and documentation in the lot, so that combined with the non-waved headers was making me think chances were pretty good for an engineering sample or other one-off loaner that just never was returned to it's point of origin. I'll pull the PCB and look for evidence of more hand soldering or 'whoops' wires... There were more than a few motherboards boards with EPROMs instead of just mask parts, so I'll be sure to read everything and compare part numbers when possible with list @zimmers (thanks for the pointer to that). Does anyone maintain a list of the known ROMs with CRC's or checksum values for quick comparison?



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