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Thread: EISA configuration .CFG file collection

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1ST1 View Post
    @mR_Slug please also add all known EISA configuration utilities you have or got from me. Not every EISA PC will run with every setup utlity...
    Yes, will get to it. I'll try and sort out all those files. Give me a few days.

    Quote Originally Posted by Shadow Lord View Post
    I also have a file that explains the format of the EISA cfg file and cfg file generator program.
    That's great. Sorry I didn't hit refresh in the browser, before I replied to your PM. so I missed your post.
    Quote Originally Posted by Shadow Lord View Post
    Tarballs are hard to use/modify in the DOS world. A ZIP archive would be much easier to work with and to setup a mirror for most of us not running a *nix system.
    The biggest problem on win/dos is the symbolic links. They save an inordinate amount of space. There is a text file in the root, called "log" or something, indicating all the sym-links.

    Once I have added your files, and got all those ECU's sorted and up I'll do a zip, but even with compression it's going to be huge. I don't want to create a huge file for people to download, only for a week later, to say there is a new version.
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    (Double post, as i can't edit last post)

    The source files with the various ECU's etc are now online. Link is on the main EISA page:

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    Quote Originally Posted by mR_Slug View Post
    Once I have added your files, and got all those ECU's sorted and up I'll do a zip, but even with compression it's going to be huge. I don't want to create a huge file for people to download, only for a week later, to say there is a new version.
    Yeah, I can totally see that. I am not sure how much work this would be but maybe you have a base massive file and then monthly (quarterly updates)? I am guessing after the first few growth spurts you won't be adding huge number of cfg files to the collection. Just one or two here and there that could easily be handled as a small update archive...
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    Perhaps put it on Github?

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    I like the tarballs with the symbolic links because it reduces a huge amount of data down to about 30MB. If anyone really needs a dir structure without symbolic links, you can just:

    wget -m -np

    I think if you do this, then when it's updated, run the same command again, it should skip files it has already downloaded.

    If anyone really needs a .zip as it stands, before I add Shadow Lord's files let me know, and I can make one. And then when its updated I will make an update zip and a new full version.

    I don't think it's really necessary to put it on Github. There are only about 5 people interested in this. Most .cfg's that are known to exist are there. As Shadow Lord points out I won't be adding updates often. Github is great for code, particularly open-source projects, but so far it looks like there will be one more update after Shadow Lord sends me his files.

    <side note>
    I really don't know how some of you cope without having access to at least one *nix box Take any little computer install Slackware, Debian or whatever, run it headless, and use PuTTY in windows to access the command line. So many useful utilities like tar, grep, Perl, etc. Or install cygwin on windows.
    </side note>

    BTW, one minor update, now when you go to a dir like this:

    At the bottom there is a link to tar the whole directory, so downloading a .cfg with lots of include files is easier. It was originally there, but I accidentally deleted the functionality when trying to remove cruft from the directory before making the 30MB tarballs.

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    At last I have finally updated the archive with Shadow Lord's stuff. Sorry it has taken so long. Seems to be one of those projects that every time I set aside some time to do it, something else gets in the way. The zip archive should work, perhaps someone can tell me if it works on windows. The sources archive has also been updated.

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    Hi! Just for your information, i've downloaded the big file (644mb), and packed it with 7zip, 15MB total size.

    > 16.119.510 EISA.7z


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    I had forgotten about 7zip. 15MB is great. I'm a bit confused by "> 16.119.510 EISA.7z" is that the remains of a link that went awry?

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    Have you now included the EISA setup utils I have provided to you? (I have to download the new archive at home)

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    Yes, they are in the sources section. You can either browse it, or just download, that includes everything.

    I did think about creating another page listing all the EISA config utilities in a more homogenous way. E.g. Compaq EISA config v 2.1, 2.2 etc as separate zips. But generally you need the .CFG files the utility comes with anyway, and need it on a floppy disk, so I though the best thing to do is just leave the zip and self extract files as they are. Ideally you want the "EISA config disk" for your particular machine, as it was supplied by the manufacture, if it's available.


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