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Thread: Dec wt78

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    Seems like a marketing/packaging gimmick to entice office-folk.

    You might make inquiries at:

    (See tiny mail address at bottom pf page.)

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    I emailed him the question of what the differences were.

    I would assume it would be the same hardware but with different software. From :

    "The VT78 came with a FORTRAN, a BASIC compilers, the PAL-8 assembler and various other utilities."

    Probably the WT78 omitted these and included the word processing programs, but could also run end-user programs such as legal management software packages. I know mine did as it was in a laywer's office in Portland, OR, and came with a legal management software package manual.

    I reassembled the items that I had apart and cleaned everything up. It's now just a static artifact. The DECPrinter III is not pictured as it is in the worst shape and hasn't been attended to yet. Pictures attached.
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    Vince responded to my question about what the differences are between a VT78 and a WT78, and he gave me permission to post his response in this thread:

    Q: "Do you know what were the differences between the VT78 and the WT78? Was it just software differences, i.e., the exlcusion of compilers, etc., and inclusion of the word processing software?"

    A: "The VT/78 was an early micro (6100 based) PDP-8 that came with floppies and ran the standard OS/8 software, including PAL/8, Fortran, etc.

    The WT/78 is the same hardware, except for some labeling. I believe it was shipped with a version of WPS, the menu based "office software" operating system.

    Later 6120 based Decmates have the brain-dead terminal interface, and various attempted software kludges that CJL is so offended by.

    So, yes, I think your characterization is correct. I wish I knew of an authoritative place to confirm what software shipped with the WT/78, but everything I have seen so far supports the theory that it came with office (rather than scientific) software."

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    So imagine that’s basically just a primitive word processor, still it would be a great system to have and play around with a word processor that’s running on a PDP-8, got lots of newer system that can compile and run DEC code but a signal function DEC word processor that’s floppy disk base would be sweet! Would the operating system be in ROM with the disk just as a storage medium? Or would you have to load the operating system each time you start the workstation?
    I would want to have one of those systems just for that function. Wonder how it would compare to an early PC running Word Star? Can’t think it would compete with a later product like Microsoft Works.

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    The VT/WT78 does do more than run WPS. It's not a single function word processor. It does run OS/8 and therefore can run the basic interpreter and fortran compiler. It is the forerunner to the VT278 (Decmate) which I have a few of and does the same (but the 278 has a full 32kW of memory). Although the VT278 has the screwed-up device 03/04 interface, it still runs OS/78 just fine. Albeit slow, the 278 will run Adventure.

    I would like to find a VT78 myself someday. I have the experience of working on CRTs safely and would be able to keep it going. Such things don't seem to show up in the metro NYC area though.


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