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Thread: Quadra 605 weird behaviour

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    Default Quadra 605 weird behaviour

    Ran into an interesting problem yesterday with my Quadra 605....

    Firstly it's been sitting for about 12-18 months. I opened the case and changed the PRAM battery as a precaution (wasn't leaking) then fired it up. Booted up fine apart from complaining about time/date. I set the current time/date and then decided to play a game.

    The game of choice was Space Quest 4 - a game I have played through completely on this system before. This time however some weird things happened. Firstly the intro screen pops up and music starts playing just like usual. Next it moves into the intro 'sequence' where a spaceship normally zooms past, with accompanying audio. Well the background audio keeps looping, but no zooming sound and no spaceship. The game and OS are still working, you can move the mouse and even click it where a menu comes up saying 'skip intro'.

    Not overly deterred at this point I skipped the intro and it went into the starting cutscence. Roger drops out of the time rift and hits the ground, where again you normally hear a sound, then he will get up. Just like the intro, no sound, just looping background music, and Roger is stuck crouching. Again I can move the mouse and access the menu's etc, at which point I 'restarted' the game and skipped the cutscence.

    Again I wasn't deterred, however there is a point in the game where you need to wait for an energizer bunny to appear. This is just like the above examples, it's triggered by a sound first then you see the bunny appear. No sound, no bunny, but the game is responsive.

    It's like there is a trigger event which isn't occurring; the game doesn't care too much but you cant progress.

    I tried Space Quest 1 as well (again, I've played it through completely on this very system using the same old files on the HDD) and the same sort of thing occurs. Timed events that coincide with sound effects just linger on forever.

    The ONLY thing I can think of is capacitors on the board are failing. I have no idea why a sound fault would cause issues like this though. Is there like a sound API or something that returns when a sound is played to the OS? Anyone got any other advice?

    EDIT: Found another weird one. If I set the volume in the control panel and try to play an example sound by clicking on the files on the RH pane the machine partially hangs. You can move the mouse but the menu's are stuck. This lends credence to my sound interrupt/return API call not occurring.
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    Well I kinda found the answer to the capacitor question....

    Removed the logic board and then removed the network card. Caps below it are leaking so badly that some IC leads have started to turn green:

    I really hope I can save this machine. Lately I have had something like 3 failures and 0 successes with vintage stuff. I'm kinda tired of it.....
    System 80 Expansion Interface located! Thanks to all who helped out and the good people in the NZ vintage computer forums!

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    System 80 Expansion Interface located! Thanks to all who helped out and the good people in the NZ vintage computer forums!

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    Definitely fix the caps, but the problem you're describing sounds more software-related. What version of the OS? Are you using virtual memory? Any interesting extensions, Sound Manager, QuickTime?
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    early 90's electronics... ugh.

    The cap death problem has taken out more stuff from that part of the decade than any other.

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    Well I've replaced the capacitors and the problem still remained (no real surprise there). I'm still glad I did it though as the caps were definitely leaky.

    The logic board came up beautifully after a good wash with PCB detergent, demineralised water rinse, compressed air blowout and then a final rinse with some organic based PCB drying / cleaning solvent. Warmed it up to about 60C with a heatgun and then allowed to sit for a couple of days (probably not necessary but I'd rather err on the side of caution). I ended up replacing the capacitors with higher voltage rated items as technology has progressed in the last 25 years (25V rated instead of 6.3V). The size and dimensions were actually still marginally smaller than the original units too which was nice.


    Turns out the games (SQ4 and SQ1) both have a bug where if the date exceeds 1993 then you get all sorts of issues. I found an unofficial patch online which seems to have corrected it.
    System 80 Expansion Interface located! Thanks to all who helped out and the good people in the NZ vintage computer forums!


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