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Thread: Model I CRT sounds like an angry snake

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    Bizarre! Definitely the corona discharge that's your issue. I've seen other CRTs with no anode cap, but they're usually much lower anode voltage things, usually electrostatic, and much older than any TRS-80. Like Chuck said, a good blob of RTV silicone would probably do it, as would a dollop of dielectric grease (available from basically all auto parts stores, get the toothpaste tube, not the ketchup packet).

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    I wonder what they were thinking. They saved a whole 4 cents, I guess.

    RTV would surely work, but dielectric grease may be the way to go, else it may be difficult to disconnect in the future.
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    The corona's probably coming from a sharp edge on the clip or wire, so covering just that part with RTV would likely be sufficient.

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    I've got a tube of dielectric grease for the motorcycles, didn't think of that in this case. I have a boot too from a dead board. RTV too, I think I have blue and black from putting an engine together.

    I'll try cleaning the anode with a brass brush and deoxit, as it has what looks like white corrosion that you see on aluminum or metal that has oxidized from moisture.

    I enjoyed watching the corona, reminds me of the spent fuel pits at a PWR plant I worked at, during refueling outages they would turn the lights out once in a while so and you could watch the neutrons slow down enough to enter that part of the visible spectrum. Really beautiful.

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    Please DON'T use a Metallic Brush to clean the area as this will leave CONDUCTIVE TRACkS (That you can not see) and that will make the Problem WORSE.
    Thanks Ray
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    Thank you for that, I mean the wire not the tube. But thats a very very very good piece of advice that I had not thought about.

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    Tried Dielectric Grease, worked for about 30 seconds then still a little sizzle. Cleaned it up and put ATV on it, fixed. Thanks all. When putting back together noticed the back lower right had a crack in the case....grrr. Hopefully some glue will hold it together, I really like this one.


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