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Thread: Making my own SCELBI boards

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    Those look right for the early 70s. Compare, for example, the LEDs on even the very first Altair 8800s. Same stuff. The great thing is that you can still get red LEDs in the same package in modern manufacture. Much, much brighter--and probably much longer-lived.

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    I believe that these three are original SCELBI builds. And yes the other LED designs existed back then. I have many blinky Altairs and their ilk to prove it.
    It's just that these are the most rare. (and not bright at all)curtis-8H.jpgmystery8H.jpg980x.jpg

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    The earlier 8h seemed to have the metal cans. The 8b pictures I have seen have the more modern looking LEDs which was a little later on, but still preparing the ALTAIR. The one from the bug museum must have been a later build.

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    Keep in mind that SCELBIs were sold as completed units, kits, and PCBs, without components. With SCELBI's, basically anything that might have been available back in the mid 70's, could be considered "period correct".

    Mike Willegal


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