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Thread: PEB Issue... Suggestions, help?

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    Default PEB Issue... Suggestions, help?

    Hello. I posted this on another forum, but I want to cross-post here, because I am still in search of a solution. A few months back I picked up a PEB through a poster on this board. I played with it when I got it, and, after a little monkeying around (I believe I maybe had to reseat the disk controller card), I got it to initialize and then write to a disk, and load back from it. All good. Put it aside.

    Today I took it out to fire it back up, and I am having an issue.

    When I go into the disk manager, I can catalogue the disk I used before, it shows it being in the drive and the name of the file I made, no problem. Go back out to BASIC to load the file with the OLD command, and I get error 50. Write a program and try to save, error 60. Just run the little diagnostic program in the Disk Memory System manual, error 00. I know the codes are telling me the specified drive can't be found. I used the DSK1.x command to try loading and saving, then switched to DSK.[name].[filename]. Neither worked.

    Back into Disk Manager, I can still catalogue the disk. I even changed the disk name, successfully, from TI-99/4A to TI994A, thinking maybe the special characters were causing issues. Back out to BASIC, still no dice. Eventually I got to a point where, in the Disk Manager, I got told the disk I was using was not initialized. I figure now that the disk is the issue, but I reformat it just the same, and am told it is successful. then I break out another disk to format and try.

    Same results with the second disk. So I *think* I have eliminated the disk as the problem. I also tried reseating the disk controller card. After reseating, same issues. Tried unplugging and reconnecting the cable that runs from the PEB to the computer, also no dice.

    Anyone got a clue what is going on?
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    Have you cleaned the edge connectors where the floppy cables go? I had a similar problem where some oxidation made the drives unreliable. I treated the edge connectors with Deoxit and the problem went away. Good luck!

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    What kind of disks are you using? The TI drives were for SSSD disks. (I had similar issues to what you're describing trying to use DSDD disks)


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