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Thread: FS: Complete Token-Ring Network - MAU + 8 cards + cables

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    Default FS: Complete Token-Ring Network - MAU + 8 cards + cables

    The following parts are enough hardware to build a complete 8-port IBM Token-Ring network with seven PCI nodes and one ISA node. This was my personal network for many years and worked flawlessly at 16mb with Windows NT4 and 98. Everything was in working order when removed and I would assume that it is still all in working order, but I cannot guarantee it.

    I would like to get $225 US for everything listed below but will consider all offers. Shipping will be at cost (approximately $65 US maximum in North America via Post and I'm willing to try use other shippers). I can remove some of the Type 1A cable to reduce shipping costs but the buyer should be aware that there would be a significant expense if they need to acquire more of it in the future (purchase + shipping = about $1/foot).

    Qty 1 : IBM 8228 MAU
    Qty 1 : IBM MAU reset tool

    Qty 3 : IBM PCI Token-Ring Adapter cards (one in box with manual)
    Qty 4 : IBM Auto LANStreamer PCI Adapter - all with dongles (one in box with manual)
    Qty 1 : Madge Smart 16/4 AT Ringnode card

    Cables - DE9 (i.e. cards) to IBM Data Connectors:
    Qty 6 : 8 foot
    Qty 2 : 10 foot

    IBM Data Connector patch cables:
    Qty 3 : 8 foot round type - new
    Qty 2 : 8 foot round type - connector on one end only
    Qty 1 : Approximately 31 foot Type 1A
    Qty 1 : Approximately 35 foot Type 1A
    Qty 1 : Approximately 51 foot Type 1A
    Qty 1 : Approximatley 50 foot Type 1A - only one connector installed
    Qty 1 : Approximately 58 foot Type 1A - No connectors

    Miscellaneous IBM Data Connectors:
    Qty 2 : BNC to IBM data Connectoer Baluns (Red)
    Qty 1 : IBM Data connector straight style
    Qty 1 : IBM Data Connector angle style (suitable for re-use)
    Qty 1 : IBM Data Connector angle style (broken collar)

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    This is still available and $175 US + shipping will seal the deal. I'll also receive offers for one week but after that it all goes to the recycler.

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    Sold thanks to VCF and it's members.


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