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Thread: IBM 5155 Portable case

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    Question IBM 5155 Portable case

    I finally got my 5155 Portable working as it should. I even have one of Pearces CF adapter installed and acting as an electronic "C" drive. But it is missing the rear slide-away panels that cover the connectors and hide the power cable. Everything on the PC other than the missing cover panels are perfect.

    So, does anyone here have the missing rear cover panels I need to make my computer complete???

    Thanks for reading, and for your support...

    Wanted: - Complete SERIES ONE TRS-80, IBM 5170 AT, Original authentic IBM 5100 Portable, IBM 5151 Monitor. Also looking for Packard Bell 75Mhz computer, Commodore Pet w. Built-in cassette drive, amber 12 CRT, Mac SE-30 hard disk to replace the bad drive currently installed, TRS-80 Coco series 1 upgrades including memory, IBM PC 5160 compatible CD ROM.

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    I had to purchase a non-working 5155 to get a cover. Good luck.
    Offering a bounty for:
    - The software "Overhead Express" (doesn't have to be original, can be a copy)
    - A working Sanyo MBC-775, Olivetti M24, or Logabax 1600
    - Documentation and original disks for: Panasonic Sr. Partner, Zenith Z-160 series
    - Music Construction Set, IBM Music Feature edition (has red sticker on front stating IBM Music Feature)

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    IBM PC 5150(A): IBM PC 5150(B): IBM PC 5160 (64-256k): IBM PC 5160 (256-640k): IBM PC 5170 (099): IBM PC 5170 (319/339): IBM PC 5140: IBM PC 5162: IBM PC 5155: IBM PC Expansion Unit 5161:
    WANTED! : IBM 5175 monitor, IBM 5145 monitor, IBM PC screws,
    My IBM PC hardware collection


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